PHR Digital Camo

How to paint digital camoflage with masking

By Mike Sawada

This is the finished paint scheme for my PHR with digital camo. The following is a step by step set of instructions and the tools I used.

Tools and paint

  1. Airbrush (I would recommend a 0.2, but a 0.35 needle would work if your careful).
  2. Compressor (35-50psi range is the best)
  3. Digital Stencil/mask ( I used the Anarchy models mini digital camo )
  4. Shaper tools (these are rubber tools that can be use for green stuff, see picture)

Probe set ( you can use a Hobby knife as well )

Paint Used

GW Black Primer
Vallejo Model Air Dark Grey Blue #71.054
Vallejo Model Air Barley Grey #71.051
Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey #72.748
Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey #72.747
Vallejo Game Air Dead White #72.701

Step 1

To start and I can't stress this enough, if your new to airbrushing use the Vallejo air lines. This will save you a lot of headaches as getting the proper paint consistency for airbrushing is key. Aways clean your airbrush once your done, and always run thinner between colors until its clean.

Once your Primer is dry the first step is to put some highlights on the black, I used a mix of Dark grey blue, and Barley grey.

This was to deepen the shadow and to save me time blending.

Step 2

Once this was done it was time to start placing the masking. You need to be careful at this stage as the digital camo is all at 90 degrees each mask must line up in order to give it a good effect, this is also the most time consuming part of the whole process. I used 3 tones in my scheme so as a rule of thumb try to only cover 30%-35% of the model in the first mask.

Step 3

Once you have your first mask down its time to lay down your second color (Sombre grey). Since the mask is down in this layer you want to put a thin coat down, and let it dry. Repeat this (3-4 coats) till you have full color saturation. If you lay down too thick of a coat you could get color bleeding under your masking.

Step 4

Once the paint has had time to set and dry its time to apply the last mask. Same thing as last time avoid placing over the first mask and try for the 30%-35% coverage of the model again. At this point you should have about 60%-70% of the model covered.

Time to lay down the Wolf grey coat, once again laying down thin coats (3-4) and letting it dry between each. When the final coat is dry we will lay down some quick white highlights.

Once this is dry gently peel off the masking (if its the anarchy ones do it carefully and you can use them again). Check for bleading and clean up with a brush and you just have to pick up the details and your done. I would recommend watching the anarchy videos of some of the other masks in order to get a clearer idea on how they work.

Anarchy Models - HD Stencil System

Posted in How To Guides on Nov 12, 2015