Lighting up an Imperial Star Destroyer (SW: Armada)

Lighting up an Imperial Star Destroyer

By Mike Sawada

This is the finished Model for my Armada Fleet. It is not hard to modify, but you need to be careful during the breaking of the glue welds.


I'm not an electronics wiz so I got the powered/play pack with enough blue LEDs for 4 lights.


The orange circled areas are where the glue welds are. Take your time with a hobby knife to break them. Rushing this could break your model. The red post in the front was the hardest to break. I had to twist the two halves in order to get this to break.


Next I used a clipper to cut off the ends shown here in order to get the lights in.


When you take the engine cowl off to drill, I marked the top in order to put it back in correctly. The LEDs in were 1/8" in diameter so it was just a matter of grabbing my drill bits and matching it. (Use a pin vice, a power drill will destroy this).


Next you will have to cut out some of the bottom half in order to make room for the 9 volt battery. Do not cut the green areas as you will need these intact to remove the top to turn it on and off and replace the battery.


The rest is easy, just lay out the wires and place the LEDs. I just taped the wiring in case I ever needed to replace the LEDs.


Insert battery and enjoy!


Posted in How To Guides on Feb 12, 2016